Use Shelves in the Bathroom to Fill the Wall Space

Pondering how to dress up your bland bathroom walls? Well, shelving is always a good option, as it not only creates interest visually, but if done properly it makes great additional storage. Think of it as tackling two issues at once, and it gets more interesting.

The most common towel colour is white, as is the wall colour. Thus, bringing in a dark wood is always a great route to follow. They need not be expensive, basic home center shelves in a faux wood will do the job. The polar opposites of dark and light will make the room appear larger than it really is. Yet another bonus this project comes with.

As for what to place on those open shelves, the sky’s the limit, a decorative arrangement of kids bath toys, framed pictures, plants, or glass jars of toiletries. Remember, though things are within view, they can still be the stuff that essentials are made of. You will be surprised how appealing earbuds, cotton balls, and extra towels can look when neatly arranged.

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