Where to Find Inspiration for Wall Colours

From time to time we encounter walls painted in unexpected, yet sensational wall colours. The quest of where the inspriation to pain that colour arises. If you are interested in choosing a fun and funky shade for a wall or more in your own abode here’s a tip on where to find it. Go ahead and make a list of the things you love, whether they be current, or from childhood is up to you. List both if you have the time and interest and then pull the colours from those. That will give you a palette to work with that not only provides a colour you like, but reminds you of something you adore. Inspiration for funky wall colours come from many different places.

Having trouble getting started? Well, how about the colour of your bike growing up, or the tones found in a film poster? Just base it upon what you like, then it is hard to go wrong. Look to the colours that are used in your favourite book covers, or scarf. look around you this very second, see anything that appeals to you?

I myself have three rooms in my home right now which came from things I hold near and dear to my heart. The dinning room is painted the exact shade of the ballet slippers I have autographed by a prima ballerina, the kitchen is the yellow found in the wings of my favourite butterfly, and my bedroom is that of the box my wife’s wedding ring came in when I bought it from the jeweller. One last thing, don’t be shy about bringing in the object you cherish to get a good match when buying the paint, tons of people before you have already done it.

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