How to Add Space to Your Garden with a Log Cabin

Finding the space to live in a modern property can present many difficulties when everyone requests a private bedroom, one person requires an office and another, a home gym. Often people with a hobby or those that would prefer a private gaming area get shunted into a corner of another room. One of the best […]

Add Space to Your Home with a New Log Cabin

British homes are not the smallest in the world, but we still manage to pack them full to the brim. One of the easiest ways to add space to your home is to purchase a new log cabin and place it in a great location in your garden. Your extra garden room space can be […]

Install Fence Posts With A Fence Post Spike

When your mind can only tell you that it’s a mammoth task to install new fencing around your front and rear gardens, a short trip to your local garden centre or a few clicks across a garden fencing company’s website and you will see there are many accessories available to make the task much easier […]

Designing a Kitchen Around Counters, Cupboards and Floors

Whether you’re a dab hand with the spatula or more likely to leave cooking to the other half, there’s no doubt a well designed kitchen provides even the most amateur of chefs with inspiration. Not only do they make cooking and cleaning easier, they can dramatically raise the value of your house. So how do […]

How Does Mortgage Affordability Vary Across the UK?

The average monthly mortgage payment for UK households now stands at £527, which represents 15.4 per cent of a household’s total income. However, this figure fluctuates in different regions across the country, making some areas much more affordable when it comes to owning your own home. One of the best places to live in the […]

Underfloor Heating and Fireplaces

Introduction Underfloor heating systems, nowadays, are essentially one of two types, “wet”, warm water systems or “dry”, electrical systems. Wet systems feature a system of pipe work, buried in screed or running beneath the surface of the floor, through which warm water flows, imparting heat to the floor surface as it does so. Dry systems […]

Blinds: Keeping it simple

Minimalist design is changing the way we think about interiors. Functionality is still key but as of now, less is more. And when it comes to letting the light into your room, the rules are no different. Curtains are dead. Keeping your room stylish and clean-cut means people are turning to blinds as a contemporary […]

Finding the Best Hot Tub Deals

Hot tubs offer one of the best ways to relax muscles and relieve any built-up tension. Getting into a hot pool of water after a stressful day at work can be a great way to calm down and let go of your worries and the effects are almost immediate. For those who find themselves exhausted […]

The Act of Mixing Furniture Styles Together

There is a real trend towards intermingling the old with the new when it comes to furniture. For a while it was the thing to do if you had a historic home, but wanted to integrate the things you acquired in daily life. As you can imagine, without the infusion of a contemporary rug here, […]

The Best Reason to Finally Get Your Garden Furniture in Order

Start your engines, this is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, and she’s imploring us to all get out and celebrate with those around us. So, surely we do not want to disappoint Her Majesty, or miss out on a reason to have a party, much less several. This means this is the time to start […]