Use Shelves in the Bathroom to Fill the Wall Space

Pondering how to dress up your bland bathroom walls? Well, shelving is always a good option, as it not only creates interest visually, but if done properly it makes great additional storage. Think of it as tackling two issues at once, and it gets more interesting. The most common towel colour is white, as is […]

Fashion Floorspace

Cool, urban fashions bring a whole new look to the home with floors and carpets set to be the defining mood-setter this year. The move to more minimalist interiors has also meant that floors often set the tone of a room. And it’s because of this that carpets have become an essential fashion ingredient with […]

Clearing the Way for a Quick House Sale

The property market in 2012 is seemingly very hard to predict. Some experts are saying it could have a struggle on its hands whereas others think the time to invest could be now. But one thing remains the same. If your house is on the market you have to showcase it. It’s no longer your […]

Improve the Appearance of Your Home With Floor Paint

Floor painting is becoming bigger than ever in the world of home improvement. Considering you can paint wood floors, stone floors and concrete floors so that they are beautiful, resilient and protected it comes as no surprise to us. Many of the floor paints available will also give you a slip resistant finish that can […]

The Unconventional Plant Containers That Scream Funky

To bring funk to your garden you need to look at objects as if they did not have an original intended use. Or, perhaps a better way to state that is to say you should put whatever the intended use of a piece far from your thoughts in order to give it a new purpose. […]

Fun Additions for the Funky Garden

While we still love personalised garden gate signs, we want to bring your attention to the fact that you can branch out, garden joke there, with other personalised items as well. Take for example the personalised garden marker, which draws attention to a particular space and can either indicate the type of tree, a favourite […]

Funky Bar Stools

Funky bar stools are ideal for those who wish to step outside of the norm, and create an identity unique to other homes. While traditional bar stools are capable of making an impact among family and visitors alike, it is the funky ones, which give the home character and can serve as an interesting focal […]

Safeguard Your Funky Furniture With Home Insurance

As you all know I am obsessed with home furnishings, and the funkier the better. Home contents are my business, and my passion. I am one of those lucky blokes that actually enjoys his work. However, my responsibility to clients does not rest with finding them the items they want, but carries past that. Additionally, […]

Instant Wall Art Found in a Personal Library

With technology moving forward faster than we can recognise the advancements, many things in our everyday lives are changing. With the introduction of the electronic readers, printed books are likely to become works of art within our lifetimes. This for me makes the dream of a library increasingly attractive. However, without a room that I […]

Give Outdated Furniture a New Persona in a Flash

So you have furniture from an era gone by, and would prefer to have something more updated, then get painting partner. Lots of us have acquired pieces of furniture that came from our well meaning relatives, or friends. And at one point in time we were probably pretty darn excited to have a chair to […]